Welcome to the Wonderful World of Sylvie,
The Littlest Guardian Angel
Sylvie The Little Guardian Angel

The heavenly and earthly adventures of Sylvie, the Littlest Guardian Angel, and the youngest and smallest to ever earn her wings, begins with the first book of this series, Cassie Makes a Friend.

In this episode, Sylvie takes on her first assignment, helping a young girl named Cassie who really needs a friend.

Sylvie, The Littlest Guardian Angel is a playful story with a serious message. It deals sensitively with the issues of bullying, and how friendship and kindness triumphs . . . with the help of a little angel.

Angels are a heavenly commodity these days, and Sylvie is in the forefront. Children 4 years old and up will relate to Sylive, and the idea of having a guardian angel.

You can find Sylvie online by clicking here, or by special order at your favorite bookstore.

Look for the second book in the Sylvie series coming in the Winter of 2013.

About the Author

Boston based author Leslee Karol hopes children will learn the goodness and kindness they are capable of from reading the Sylvie series.

Told and illustrated in a light hearted and whimsical way, the underlying message is the positive effect of friendship and the good feelings that shine through acts of kindness.

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